Having issues diagnosing problems with your Toyota R Series manual transmission we can help, to speak to a Drive Train Expert call toll free !.


Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured transmissions are dyno tested before leaving the factory, ensuring the highest quality. We offer a no hassle 12 month warranty, performance guaranteed. Use our online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out.

If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call toll free Midwest transmission has been in the automotive re-manufacturing and rebuilding business for 19 years, and shipping completed units world wide. To improve quality Midwest was one of the first companies that included dyno testing of manual transmissions prior to shipping as a final step in the quality control process.

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We specialize in manual transmissions, automatic transmission and transfer cases. We can help with improving performance and conversions. You can see the complete line of products that we offer at www. Toyota R Series manual transmission replacements are available in 5 speeds, are available in R, R, R and R Below you will find a detailed list that includes complete transmission rebuilt kit without syncro rings, transmission rebuilt kit with syncro rings, gaskets, seals and bushings, individual bearings, syncro kit, syncro hub, forks, gears, shafts and miscellaneous parts.

If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts GTOthey are inspected and guaranteed. Our 22 employees shipped over 9, units last year. Guaranteed quality and correct parts supplied.

Be sure you properly identify which R Series transmission you have. To assist you Toyota has placed and identification plate on the fire wall of your vehicle, in some cases close to the master cylinder. Check this identification plate for engine size and transmission model, critical when ordering a replacement transmission or repair parts. The Toyota R Series 5 speed transmission was engineered and manufactured by Toyota.

The R series transmissions are End Loaded aluminum case with five main bearings, eight bolt front bearing retainer with a four bolt shifter. Front input shaft bearing is 90mm OD. Select this link to see what models that used the R Series Toyota manual transmission.

Below we provide a Toyota R Series parts illustrations 2 pages to assist you with the correct identification of the parts you need.

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Select the parts you require from the following list and give us a call. Midwest Transmission can Cryogenic Treat any shaft or gear. Call for a quote. This is an example of a widget area that you can place text to describe a product or service. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more.

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Refine your search results. Detailed Detailed View List View. Edmonton, Alberta. No photo. Differential Model Rear R Call the following number for the part. Differential Make Rear. Differential Model Rear. Close Update location.


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Your phone number Please include your area code. Message Please note that the part information is already included in the email that is sent to the sellers.

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Samsung DVD-R155 Instruction Manual

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