Remington nylon 66 white diamond value

Back in the s Remington produced a line of synthetic stocked autoloading, lever action, and bolt action. These were, except for some civilian rifles and shotguns built by Savage Arms during WW II when stock wood was in short supply, the first successful synthetic stocked sporting rifles from a major manufacturer. The Remington nylon stocks were made of a DuPont Nylon 66 series plastic called structural Zytel that Dupont developed specifically for these rifles.

Remington Arms was then owned by DuPont. The basic DuPont Nylon 66 polymer leant its name to the rifle. Just as with today's synthetic stocked rifles, the Remington Nylon series rifles were advertised as having lightweight, waterproof, essentially unbreakable stocks that would not warp, crack, chip, fade, or peel for the life of the rifle. Also, just like today, they carefully avoided all mention of the fact that these molded synthetic stocks were excessively flexible and resulted in a rifle that was too light, so that although intrinsic accuracy was good, practical accuracy in the field suffered.

The first, most successful and best known of the series was the Nylon 66 autoloader, introduced in Produced untilit became the most popular Remington. Like the other Nylon series rifles to follow, it was a hunting and plinking rifle. This was a blowback operated, tubular magazine fed semi-automatic rifle chambered for the.

The receiver of this rifle was actually nylon, with the bolt running on "self lubricating" nylon rails. The Owners Manual advised not to lubricate the action with gun oil. A slipover blued sheet steel cover was used to give the receiver a more normal appearance and also concealed a pair of stock reinforcing machine screws and nuts.

Its structural nylon stock was injection molded in two halves that were mated together. It was a sleek stock with very slender and attractive lines, a fluted comb, long and graceful forearm with a black plastic schnable tip and a curved pistol grip with a black cap. The buttplate was also black plastic and it was set off by a white line spacer, as were the forend tip and grip cap. Both the pistol grip and forearm wore molded-in checkering in a conventional point pattern and there were white diamond inlays in the center of the checkering pattern on both sides of the forearm that concealed another reinforcing bolt and nut.

The standard stock color was a "Mohawk Brown," a walnut brown with black streaks that vaguely resembled wood grain. This was the Nylon 66 MB model, by far the most popular of any of the Remington Nylon rifles with oversold in.

From on the Nylon 66 MB could be purchased with a rimfire scope and the previous figure includes over 46, so packaged. For the first few years the Nylon 66 was also available with an OD green, "Seneca green" stock that never really caught on and the green stock was discontinued in We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners.

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XMAS Day Nylon 66 Remington

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Messages 5, Reactions I wonder if anyone has a clue what my Remington nylon 66 is worth today? I bought it new in the mid 70's, fired it some rounds total? I'd rate it a 9 with just some normal shelf wear to bluing here and there, but nice. It hasn't been carried or fired since the 70's.

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I bought it because I was traveling and some friends I was visiting wanted to go shoot digger squirrels. It's the brown color, butt load tubular 14 shot if there were any differences. Has anyone any idea what this gun is worth? Edit: Pic added. The Apache Black and Seneca Green were the most valuable. ZeroRing 26th District, WA.

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Messages 2, Reactions Actually had one 25 years ago and then let my buddy's dad have it to try and put it back together after a stupid tear-down on my part where it was then lost in a house fire Throckmorton Florence,Ore ah gone. Messages 1, Reactions Althought there are folks who really like them I'd agree that How many times have you asked or read on different forums the above question? The answer of course is quite simple. Of course that answer is rather simplistic as is the question.

remington nylon 66 white diamond value

The real question is: What determines the value? Or, what criteria is the value of my rifle based on? Those questions are not so easily answered. As you will see when you read this, it does finally come down to what you are willing to pay but there are a number of other factors which may determine the value of your Nylon rifles.

Before you go out shopping or go any further, hold up your wallet with your right hand and repeat after me:. Most are still in circulation.

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I will not spend a house payment on a cheap plastic rifle. I will find one just like it at a reasonable price. Blue Book of Gun Values. A good place to start is the various value guide that are put out. Most people, including retailers, pawn shop owners etc, use the value guides to determine what they will pay for and sell rifles for.

This includes Nylon Rifles. The Blue Book of firearms values is probably the most popular and mostly widely used of the guide. I once bought a Seneca Green 66 from a pawnshop. The shopkeeper used a blue book value, which I knew was far below what many of us would have paid for a Seneca rifle. And you know what? It was worth exactly what I paid for it.

The Blue Book can also help you negotiate a fair price. I recall seeing a Nylon rifle in hardware store that also sold guns. The owner had it way overpriced and I asked him about it.

He said a friend mentioned to him that nylon rifles were now considered collectible and that he should price his accordingly.

I showed him the blue book value and he lowered his price accordingly. He subsequently bought it at a fair price and both he and the shop owner were happy. Geographic location is one of the key factors in determining price. Location, whether east or west coast, north or south, rural, suburban or urban play a significant role on both the number of rifles available, and the numbers of people who are looking or collecting them.

Of course your location also determines the market to a great degree. For example, if you are looking for an Apache 77, the rifle which Remington made exclusively for K Mart inthen it stands to reason the area in which you look should have had a K Mart in it during this period. Another factor has to do with how mobile you are and how much effort you are willing to put into collecting. If you buy all your rifles from internet auctions, you are likely to pay more for them.

This is because the person selling the rifle has done all the work and is likely to add their time and expense to the cost of the rifle. Some collectors may travel because of their jobs, while others make the time and effort to drive to distance cities and locations where collecting may be better than their home turf. I once undertook an all day search for rifles and visited 8 pawn shops within a 60 mile radius of home. I found 5 nylon rifles and bought 3.Model 10 Nylon No Photo Available.

NIB Exc V. Bolt-action repeater, 6- or round metal box magazine. Approximately 22, produced from Mohawk brown nylon stock, with white accents, chrome spoon style bolt handle, manual right side safety. Barrel lengths NOTE: Add percent for 24" version. Bolt-action repeater, round external tubular magazine under the barrel. Approximately 27, produced from Mohawk brown nylon stock, with white accents, chrome spoon-style bolt handle, manual right side safety.

Semi-automatic, In excess of 1, produced from Seven different variations of style and color were sold. Non-serialized prior to gun control act of An "A" prefix was added to serialization in View Model Details.

remington nylon 66 white diamond value

Blued metal parts, dark chocolate brown stock with white accents. Blued metal parts, dark olive green stock often confused with MB in artificial light with white accents. Bright chrome plated metal parts, black stock with white accents.

Blued metal parts, black stock with black diamonds in fore-end. Remainder of accents are white. Blued metal parts, dark brown stock with white accents. Barrel marked.Nylon 66s were introduced by Remington in The first version had a brown plastic stock and a blued steel barrel and receiver cover. While not indicated anywhere on the rifle itself the brown stock version was known as the Mohawk Brown.

The first black Nylon 66 appeared in It consisted of a black stock with white diamonds and white spacers around the butt and grip caps. What set this model apart was the flashy chrome receiver cover and barrel. Production of the Apache Black 66 lasted until andwere made. The Gallery Special GS was made from until However there were Apache Black ones produced. InRemington came out with their most stealthy nylon rifle.

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It was called the Black Diamond and was black with white spacers but without the white diamond on it. Production of the Black Diamond lasted until In those 10 years only 56, Black Diamonds were made. Grip caps of various nylons.

Remington nylon 66 .22 LR value?

Note the blank cap of the imported CBC rifle. As the production of nylon 66s waned in the s, another black nylon rifle began to be imported by various companies. There is an article on this website with more information about the CBC rifles. All Nylon 66s including the black ones are marked Remington Nylon 66 on the grip cap. If the rifle was made prior to it will not have a serial number on it. The Gun Control Act of required serial numbers after that point and Remington started putting numbers on their rifles in late The and early rifles has the serial numbers on the bottom of the barrel in front of the stock.

From on the serial number was stamped on the left side of the receiver cover toward the front. The CBC rifles have the importer which variedmaker and serial number stamped on the receiver cover.

remington nylon 66 white diamond value

The letters CBC are located on the barrel in the gap between the stock and rear sight. Both my imported rifles also. Serial number location on era Apache Black. The location of the markings and name of the rifle varied by importer. Some were on the left side of the receiver, some on the right side and some on both sides. It is possible that someone put a blue receiver cover and barrel on an Apache Black stock but more than likely the rifle in question is a CBC.

The CBC have no markings on the grip cap. The chrome and black Apache Black 66s are not particularly scarce overwere made but they tend to command high prices because people think they are special or presentation guns. They are very attractive and chrome guns tend to cost more than blue ones. Of course the Gallery Special Apache Black rifles are extremely rare and command a high price.It does depend on the condition of the gun and the model of the Remington In the serial numbers were located in the bottom of the barrel 3" back from the muzzle and should be The lower serial numbers were made in and the higher serial numbers where made in If you not sure which model of Remington Nylon 66 you have check out wikipedia and you should find your answer there or find a local gun expert.

There is a video on how to assemble and disassemble a nylon 66 on youtube. The Nylon 66 is a rifle that was made by Remington from to The brown and chrome model was Nylon 66MB and overwere produced. The last year of production for the Remington model nylon model 66 was These rifles were made from with a total production of 1, You can but the receiver flexes and it is difficult for the scope to stay in adjustment.

I can say that the A prefix was added to the serial number in The last nylon 66 rifles were made in So your rifle dates from I have a Seneca Green Nylon 66 with a date stamp for February and a "Made in Canada" stamp on top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight. Hope this helps. Of course there are several versions of this rifle in different colors of plastic and different magazines. I hear the clip-fed version is not as diserable. If I recall correctly, 14 and it loads from the stock.

This is long rifle ammo. Check the date code on barrel ; There's information on the Remington Society of America, check related links. Yes they did. It is called a "gallery special" model.

Remington Product No is on the new in box one that I have. The Remington Model 66 is chambered for the. The most common twist rate for the. Remington didn't make a model 55 rifle, nylon or otherwise. Autoloader, lever, or Bolt, Clip or Tub, letters on left side of barrel? What is it doing that you think is a problem?

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remington nylon 66 white diamond value

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